The best tasting soy protein powders for your ultimate health upgrade

best-tasting-soy-protein-powdersChoosing a protein powder is a bit of task. This is probably because there are just so many different protein powders in the market today. You will be completely spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one. Either way, protein powders especially the soy ones come highly recommended for all individuals who are looking to shed weight and build muscles. It gets better- soy protein powders can be used by just about anyone including vegetarians and vegans. Before you find the one you like best you might end up trying quite a few over the months. Before discussing the best tasting soy protein powder in the market why not take a look at exactly what it is.

What is a soy protein powder?

Basically, soy protein powders are byproducts of soya beans. The reason why these products work for weight loss is because they contain plenty of fibers. Now, it has been shown that if you want to lose weight faster, get yourself to feel satisfied. If you feel satisfied then obviously you will not want to eat some more. This is what the fibers in soy do for you.

Soya beans also contain a whole lot of amino acids that encourage the growth of muscles. So on top of the fact that you will shed your weight, you also get to enjoy the fact that you will be able to put on a healthy amount of muscle into your body.

Best soy protein powders for you

As abovementioned, there are just so many protein powders to select from, here are some you might find to be quite delicious:

• Hammer Soy Powder

The vanilla flavored soy protein powder from Hammer Nutrition is one of the tastiest powders that have made it to the markets recently. The vanilla taste sends many a user over the roof. It is also one of the most affordable powders considering that it offers you the chance to use about 24 servings on one.

• Naturade 100% soy protein

This one brings with it about 25 grams of soy based proteins in a serving of 110 calories with absolutely no carbohydrates in it. It is the perfect meal replacement if you want to encourage weight loss and lowering of cholesterol level. It can be used by everyone and especially athletes. Each serving brings with it only 1 gram of fat.

• NOW soy protein isolate

This is undoubtedly the best tasting soy protein powder out of all the ones discussed yet. On top of being delicious, it is personal favorite of many vegans and vegetarians looking to increase protein intake. This isolate comes congested with a healthy amount of protein that will not only help you grow those muscles but also burn body fat by improving the metabolism of your body. With only 90 calories per serving, the NOW soy protein isolate provides 20g for each serving and a gram of fat.

• Universal Nutrition Advanced Soy Protein

Now if you are looking for another flavor that is not just strawberry, vanilla or chocolate this is the powder for you. The Universal Nutrition Advanced Soy Protein blend comes with a wonderful apple-cinnamon flavor that will just make you want to use it every few minutes. Flavor aside, there is also a great collection of amino acids that you can use to improve all the health benefits that are derived from soy proteins.

• Twinlab Vege Fuel

This is literally fuel that will keep you going throughout the day. It is one of the best all-vegetable blends and it is totally good regardless of the fact that it is unflavored. You would think that something unflavored would not be tasty. For some reason, people cannot seem to get enough of this one. It can be used for just about anything including cooking like flour to make foods with high protein content and but low in fat. It is perfect for people who are lactose intolerant.

• Optimum 100% Soy Protein

Not only is it the best tasting soy protein powder with a Dutch chocolate flavor, it is completely affordable. It can be used by just about anyone regardless of whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or allergic to certain foods. Most of all it is for those who are completely conscious about their health. A serving of this soy protein powder contains 120 calories, 25 grams of protein, 2 grams carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of fat.

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