Does muscle become fat when i stop exercising

muscles-women-structureA myth that the muscle will turn into fats has become a common adventure among so many people. However many people still asks themselves this big question, Does muscle become fat when I stop exercising? The answer is no. Human body is composed of different kinds of muscles that perform different functions. Fats and muscles differ in that they perform different functions in the body.

This philosophy was developed after an observation that men who lift weight always developed bad features when they stop their exercises. Many people involved in weight lifting practices only understand how they build their bodies. However, they fail to acknowledge how muscles work in their bodies.

During body exercises, your body cannot produce extra muscles, instead what happens that, your muscles expand and grows stronger than they were before. The amount of blood capillaries that joints arteries and veins increases so as to supply more nutrients and blood to the muscles. When you do regular practice, muscles develop more mitochondria, it implies that the rate of respiration in your muscles will increase thus higher energy is produced. It is a fact that this myth is taken to be a reality, however, the truth is that muscle expand and becomes stronger during practice time.

After you quit regular body exercises, the body muscles relax and contracts. This implies that the amount to mitochondria cells that were formed initially reduces. Less respiration will take place in the muscles cells causing lesser energy to ne produced. When you stop, the cells do not die or go away from your body; muscles do not turn into fats as people say. The muscles simply shrinks and contacts, This process allows the body to save more energy for other purpose since at this point the body does not require much energy. It resembles the time when one is resting; it is considered that the body calories are at the lowest levels.

Squishy looks among body builders who stops their daily exercises are caused by various factors. People who perform regular exercises tend to eat more food than their counterparts who do not. When they quit their daily exercises, the calories accumulated to supply the body with energy are lost. This allows for relaxation of muscles thus shrinking the body edges. This condition even worsens with time because the level of calories in their bodies goes down every day. The amount of mitochondria cells that are produced goes down too. Less respiration process are experienced in the muscles thus making it weaker than before.

Fats in the body may be brought about by the type of food one is eating. However, there is high chance for one to be obese if he eats without any exercises. People who often do regular practices will tend to experience fatty bodies because it may be difficult to adjust their eating habits to compensate low calorie’s level. It is not because the muscles are contacting, but rather because of change in their eating methods that make it hard to adjust to the new calorie’s level.

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