Does muscle make you sweat more?

muscular-man-sweatPeople tend to think that there is a correlation between the amounts of muscles that they have and the amount of sweat they produce. Sweating is just a natural reaction of the body to overheating. When the body is exposed to high temperatures, it remedies it by releasing some sweat as a way of creating a breezing or cooling effect. When evaporation happens on the skin, heat is lost. Does muscle make you sweat more? Scientifically, there has never been any evidence of a cause and effect nature that suggests that you will sweat more if you have more muscles. Sweating shows that the body is active and producing more energy in form of heat.

Does the amount of sweat glands determine sweating?

Biologically, one of the factors that influence the amount of sweat you produce is the number of sweat glands in your body. If your genetic makeup made has endowed with more sweat glands, irrespective of your weight or amount of muscle you have, you are bound to sweat more.People with more fats are, however, scientifically predisposed to producing more sweat glands.

Does your muscle and fat increase your sweating?

The answer is yes. If the amounts of fat and muscles have significantly made you have a lot of weight, it means that you have a lot of body mass that requires cooling. This means that you will sweat more than a person with less weight. Your surface area to volume ratio is high. This means that you have more skin. The skin is one of the avenues that the body uses to lose heat. In short, the more weight you have, the higher your rate of sweating.

What is the correlation between calories and sweating?

Fat make you sweat more than muscles. If you have more fat in your body, they act as insulators thus making your body accumulate more heat. This means that the body of a huge person requires more cooling than that of a lean person. It should, however, be noted that the ration of fat to calorie burning is 1:2 while the ration of muscle to calories burning is 1:6. However, even if muscles burn more calories, it does not justify increased sweating. A research conducted by Prof. Claude Bouchard, concluded that the difference in calories burning in fat and muscles alone cannot justify increased sweating. He however noted that working out increases sweating in both scenarios.

Can sicknesses cause more sweating?

There is a condition referred to as hyperhydrosis. It makes people sweat more. In extreme cases, patients suffering from it get their clothes soaked in sweat. If you note that you are sweating abnormally, you should look for other symptoms associated with the condition. They include excessive sweating in your under arms and on your feet. Additionally, patients experience dripping of sweat through their hands, on the face and more critically noticeable drops of sweat on the soles of the feet. This usually causes your socks to be wet. When sweat is accumulated in your shoes, it causes a pungent smell. If you get some of the above symptoms, you should seek medical advice. This disease affects all people irrespective of their fat or muscle content of their body. It should be noteworthy that patients with more fat sweat more.

Can emotions cause sweating?

Documented research has shown that if you are in an emotional state that causes you to have tensions, you are more likely to sweat. A research that was conducted at University of South Alabama concluded that people sweat more when attending job interview, first dates, court cases, seeing patients that are critically ill and when people are uncertain about life threatening issues in their lives. It is therefore right to infer that both negative and positive emotional predispositions can cause you to sweat irrespective of the amount of muscles that you have. People with more fat produce more sweat in the aforementioned situations.

Does muscle make you sweat more? The answer varies according to other mitigating factors that are combined with the amount of muscles that you have. If you are endowed with more muscles, it means that you are bound to be more active making your body to accumulate more heat. In an attempt to cool itself, the body releases more sweat.

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