Six Good Reasons why You should switch to Whey Protein Powder

good-reasons-protein-powdersMost of metabolic processes of living things need protein. Every structure in the body has protein even down to a person’s antibodies. Most importantly, protein is very crucial in maintaining muscle mass. When you are one of those people who like to exercise to build and tone their bodies, then having adequate protein in a day is very important.
Protein can be acquired from many foods. However, one cannot deny that aside from protein, these foods also contain unwanted substances like cholesterol or fat. In addition, a person who is working out needs protein that will be utilized immediately by the muscles. Eating meat or other food usually take time before its protein can be utilized by the body. This will still undergo a long digestive process and by the time that the muscle needs the protein, it may not be ready for use.
Thankfully, protein powders already hit the market. These powders addresses the two issues above. However, there are many kinds of protein powders out there that this may seem confusing for first timers. Well, even those who are drinking protein powders may still be unsure themselves. Among the types, one of the best is the whey protein powder. Here are the six good reasons why you should try it or maybe, switch it with what you are using now.

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Reason number one

First, whey protein powders give you your daily dose of protein without the fat. Because of this, you can easily lose weight and keep those pounds from coming back. If one is watching his or her weight, it is not advisable that he or she will increase the fat in his or her diet. A small increase in the fat may mean a longer time for him or her to see results regarding his or her weight loss or body building.

Reason number two

Second, whey protein powder helps increase muscle mass and strength. Muscle is composed of various kinds of protein. In order to continue its growth, a number of essential amino acids are needed. Also, the strength of the person is measured through determining how much the person’s muscle can contract. To increase its contracting ability, a muscle needs the essential amino acids that a person can get from protein. Most of these amino acids can be found in whey.

Reason number three

Third, whey protein powders help you feel full for a long period of time. This is especially helpful for those who want to shed those extra pounds. Sometimes, when we try to lose weight, the hunger that we feel is not because we really need calories. Sometimes, it is caused by our hormones. When the body has adapted to a habit, in this case eating big meals at frequent intervals, the body will send signals to the brain that it is time to eat even though it is not hungry. Drinking whey protein powder will help prevent this because unlike carbohydrates, proteins stays in the gut longer.

Reason number four

Fourth, it can help improve the immune system. The immune system consist of antibodies, plasma cells, macrophages, and others to keep infections at bay. Each of these immune cells are made up of protein. Without this nutrient, the body will not be able to make enough of these cells and whenever an opportunistic microorganism comes in, the body will not have enough immune cells to fight back.

Reason number five

Fifth, it can help cope with stress and depression. Let’s face it. Each of us has enough stress to cope up with each day. Doing this for a long period of time is not healthy for our mental health if our coping mechanisms fail. This can lead to depression. When a person has enough protein in the body, research shows that it helps in the regulation of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that helps a person feel good about himself or herself.

Reason number six

Sixth, it may help reduce cancer. Whey contains antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body by removing the free radicals. Free radicals are made daily and it damages healthy cells.When they accumulate in the body over time, it can lead to cell aberrations which leads to cancer. Whey protein powders give you the needed amino acid precursors to construct the antioxidants and therefore prevent the occurrence of cancer.

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