Top 5 Best Protein Shakes For Breakfast

Health specialists and dieters have found that, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. best-protein-shakes-strawberriesWith regards to this, it’s important for everybody to take a breakfast that is sufficient and healthy. A breakfast that meets the balanced diet requirements makes one’s body to be able to produce the energy required by the body throughout the day. Taking a breakfast with the right nutrient composition reduces the amount of food taken during the day, which helps people to check on their weight. Balanced diet contains proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. For those who mind about their health, substituting some commonly taken unhealthy meals with protein shakes would be a wise thing to do. Most of the protein shake recipes include the three components of a balanced diet. As protein shakes are easy to digest, they give you energy almost instantly and reduce the time you could have taken to prepare a cooked breakfast. To ease your hustle for the most suitable protein shakes, here is a detailed list of the top 5 best protein shakes for breakfast.

1. Peanut Butter Protein Shake

This protein shake works perfect for those who start their day with morning workouts. To get the right amount of ingredients in the protein shake, one has to consider his/her nutrition tracking. This will enable you to know what is needed and in what amount. The ingredients that may be used when preparing this protein shake include; peanut butter, milk (nonfat), fresh banana and rice powder. To make sure that you add the right amount ingredients, it is wise if you consult your nutritionist to calculations for you according to your health status and daily activities. You may remove some ingredients or substitute some like the banana with fruits with other nutrients.

2. Pumpkin Protein Shake

This protein shake is ideal for those who want to reduce oil intake as its ingredients are mostly oil free. It’s just like a pumpkin pie that is smoothened through blending. The ingredients that are commonly used for this recipe include, pumpkin (canned without salt), milk, vanilla soy milk, soy protein concentrate, nutmeg and cinnamon. These ingredients may be altered with their substitutes according to an individual’s taste. The smell and the taste of this protein shake are always great and people love it. The ingredients are mixed according to the number of people who will take the protein shake, but in proportions that you can get recommendations from a dieter. You can add ice cubes to give the shake a chilling feeling when going down your stomach.

3. Carrot Cake Protein Shake

This protein shake is a perfect drink for those who do light workouts in the morning as it’s both refreshing and have plenty of proteins and fats that are healthy to the body. This protein shake can be prepared using ingredients which include; carrots (raw), Neufchatel cheese, vanilla soy milk, vanilla whey protein powder, fresh pineapple, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, butter buds sprinkles and raw coconut among others. Some of these ingredients may be substituted with another that is in the same class according to your tastes and preferences. To get the right ingredient proportions to be used when preparing this protein shake, you can consult your dieter to do it in the right way.

4. Chocolate Protein Omega Shake

This protein shake is a delicacy for younger people as it tastes yummy and can be added frozen orange or banana making it very delicious. It is also a drink that is used by those who do workouts in the morning to kick start their day without any tiredness. To prepare this protein shake, you may use; chocolate protein, rice dream milk, fresh bananas, cod liver oil, frozen strawberries and fresh oranges. When these ingredients are well blended you get a cool smoothie to start your day. Your nutritionist can guide you on the amount of ingredients to be used when preparing this protein shake for it to have the required nutritional balance.

5. Strawberry Protein Shake

For those who are building muscle, this is the perfect protein shake to take in the morning as breakfast. It has all the ingredients necessary for complementing your workouts to boost lean muscle growth. The ingredients to use during its preparation include; fresh strawberries, milk and premium whey protein. You may add a fruit, if you want to get a particular taste in your protein shake. To use the correct amount of calories per ingredient, you can rely on your nutritionist recommendations to achieve your goal.

These are the top five protein shakes, but there are other great recipes on the internet. In conclusion, these protein shakes are meal replacements and not complements. If you use them alongside your normal breakfast, you may not achieve your goal and you may end up gaining weight and adding unhealthy fat into your body. When preparing your protein shake, all the ingredients should be well blended to have a smooth taste when being taken. For those who are lactose intolerant, you can eliminate evaporated that is very creamy from your ingredients list and use fat free milk instead. Start preparing breakfast protein shakes today using the above recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

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